Electronic gadgets on the beach

Summer on the East Coast comes with mandatory beach time. Should you get your tablet, smartphone or e-reader with you? Is it safe enough?

If you decide to use your electronic gadgets on the beach towel, you should get a Ziploc bag. Water and sand just don't mix well with electronics... you might want to use a Ziploc bag to protect your tablet (remove the air from the bag as much as you can), or a waterproof case for your smartphone (unless you have one of the new waterproof phones from Samsung - the Galaxy S5). Remove the device from the bag as soon as you leave the beach.

If you manage to drop your unprotected device on the sandy beach, blow some air out of a compressed air can, as soon as you can get to it. If it gets wet, then you should turn it off right away (even remove the battery, if possible), clean the excess water on the outside with a paper towel, then place it into a closed bag of rice (or a covered bowl of rice) for at least 24 hours; it will give it a fighting chance.

Obviously, you might as well decide to keep it simple, and just get a book or a magazine... It will keep your beloved gadgets safe and sound !

- E-readers, like Kindle and the Nook, are better for reading, since their screens are not backlit. Reading on an iPad screen with your sanglasses on, is going to be a bit of a challenge, because of the glare; try rotating the screen in landscape mode (as opposed to the portait mode), lifehacker.com claims it is much more readable this way.
- You shouldn't leave your gadget out in the sun (or in a hot car) for long periods of time.

Do you have questions? Please contact me. Thank you !

Enjoy the beautiful summer !