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Google Mobile Friendly Update
If you have a website, and you are not sure it's mobile friendly, check it here:
Starting from April 21, 2015, Google made some changes that favors mobile friendly websites; in other words, when people search for things on Google, on their mobile devices, pages that are mobile friendly are ranked better than the others.
Google's Search Engine has a market share higher than 65% and searches originating from mobile devices (phones, tablets) are on the rise, so if your website is not mobile friendly, than Google's Search Engine ranks your page poorly as compared to similar mobile friendly websites.

The Computer Shop can give you a free consultation, and after evaluating the status of your website, we can plan to upgrade it to a mobile-friendly website. For simple websites (up to 5 pages), redoing it all in a mobile friendly way, can cost as low as $350 !
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