On-Demand Support

SOS is not only the International Morse code distress signal, it is also the name of the software that will allow us to help you remotely. We promise a fair and timely assesment of your problem: we'll provide an estimate as soon as we determine it, before the service, in other words: free remote consultation !

Download and run the file SplashtopSOS.exe at this link  ( stored on a secure server - https:// ) and then call (203)200-0827 to give us the 9-digit session code and allow us to help on-demand. Please call us if you have problems downloading the software, we can provide an equally safe, alternative way of downloading it.

On-Demand means that the Splashtop SOS software is not going to continue running on your computer after you close it. Your information is safe both during the service provided by us and after the service.

Splashtop remote desktop solutions are trusted by world leading companies, universities and public institutions.

The Computer Shop is a trustworthy provider of IT services.